V2.1 Release Notes

What’s New:


  • Model Factory Plugins: added new RStudio plugin (beta release) to allow for registration and updating of models from within the RStudio model factory. Updated the Jupyter plugin UX and attachments capabilities.

  • CLI Updates: updated the ModelOp Center CLI to allow for viewing more details on assets and jobs, as well as providing support for Oauth2 integration.

  • Git Registration: added support for registering models via automated git import.



  • Updated “Command Center” User Experience: updated the look and feel of the ModelOp Command Center. Includes added support for model attachments and asset roles.

  • Drift Monitoring: ability to monitor data drift and implement rules-based notifications and alerting

  • Runtimes: added HA support for the ModelOp runtime for active-active configuration, including automated re-provisioning upon infrastructure or other failure.



  • Security: added support for group-based access control via integration with the enterprise’s ouath2 provider, allowing for isolation of all details about sensitive models based on the defined security policies for the enterprise.

  • Enterprise Ticketing: added support for integration with enterprise ticketing systems to integrate model-centric issues identified by ModelOp Center into the enterprise’s standard incident management systems.

  • Custom Metadata: added support to allow custom metadata (e.g. MRM metadata) to be added to a model or to a version of a model.



  • Installer: updated automated installer utility, allowing for flexible docker build processes and deployment of ModelOp Center across multiple orchestrators (Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc.)

  • Persistence: added support for SQL Server as a persistence store for ModelOp Center’s MLC manager