V2.5 Release Notes

What’s New:

ModelOp Center v2.5 contains a powerful set of new features to increase AI governance and visibility, as well as streamline further model risk processes.


  • MLC Creation UX Enhancements: intuitive, drop-down for adding ModelOp Center-specific processing into model life cycle (MLC) designs, as well as additional simplified out-of-the-box MLC templates

  • Custom Metadata from Ticketing Systems: ability to pull in custom metadata from Jira and ServiceNow tickets to be persisted with the Model metadata in ModelOp Center

  • Runtime Selection: more flexible runtime selection and associated orchestration


Monitor & Visualize

  • Microsoft PowerBI Integration: integration with Microsoft PowerBI to power custom dashboarding using ModelOp Center data

  • Business Value Tracking (beta): example Business Value Tracking monitors with integration into Tableau Dashboards for executive reporting

  • UI Editor for Monitoring thresholds: built-in editor for defining monitoring thresholds, allowing for users to enter simple metric checks or complex, rules-driven thresholds based on monitoring metrics and model metadata.

  • OOTB Monitoring improvements: minor improvements to OOTB monitors for error handling & versioning



  • Automated Model Documentation: ability to auto-generate documentation with model-specific metadata, tests, and other information, using a base document template

  • Model Risk Process Automation: powerful model life cycle automations to orchestrate the key steps in the model risk and compliance processes



  • UI – Runtimes Enhancements: simplified and intuitive UI for viewing the current status and troubleshooting model execution environments (runtimes)

  • Performance Improvements: substantial performance improvements across the ModelOp Center UI

  • Python 3.8 Support in Runtime: standard, supported Python 3.8 base images for the ModelOp Runtime

  • Iterative dev/test: ability for customers to test models in the ModelOp Runtime before official registration and management

  • Runtime Logs Viewing: enhanced live view into runtime logs for troubleshooting


Specific Details:


Minor Enhancements:

  • Add all groups from SCCS, without filtering, to the list of admin user groups

  • Tableau: Expose Runtime and Runtime Type

  • Enhancement to check open sessions with current OAuth2 libraries

  • Enhancement to add IntrospectionEndpoint to JWT tokens

  • Enhancement to add KeyCloak integration with ModelOp

  • Enhancement to load groups from configuration file, potentially coming from SCCS

  • Enhancement to create a new endpoint at gateway that returns OAuth2Client info for the current supported integrations such as PowerBI , Tableau etc.

  • Enhancement to add serialVersionUID field to relevant objects that implement Serializable

  • Enhancement to add missing fields to summary endpoints

  • Enhancement to support for the status and ticket in the notification regardless of the ticketing system

  • Enhancement to out-of-the-box MLC: Batch Deployment should only Remove other snapshots of the same model

  • Enhancement to consider names/types/tags from targetRuntime on GetCompatibleEngine MLC service layer

  • Enhancement to apply type and parameterizedTypes to delegates part 1

  • Enhancement to allow Sagemaker Transform Delegate to use https S3 Url

  • Enhancement to optimize the MLC Delegate Code to Improve Reuse and Documentation

  • Enhancement to allow for pulling custom JIRA values into a Model Snapshot

  • Enhancement to update Model Review Notification details that are written to JIRA

  • Enhancement to consider names/types/tags from targetRuntime on GetCompatibleEngine MLC service layer

  • Enhancement to increase retry time for Ticketing Notifications

  • Enhancement to provide an External Service for ServiceNOW

  • Enhancement to add deployed model ID to the IO message sent from the runtime

  • Enhancement to extended schema validation should include checking specialValues


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for: Tableau Plugin Error when no DeployableModels exist

  • Fix for: Backend endpoints: MOC doesn't redirect to requested URL after OAuth login

  • Fix for: Services crash without logstash appender

  • Fix to: Respond with 401 in secured mode for non-browser requests arriving WITHOUT tokens

  • Fix to: Jobs without available runtimes hang in CREATED state

  • Fix to: Backend endpoints: MOC doesn't redirect to requested URL after OAuth login

  • Fix to: Update Jupyter with GW OAuth2 Authentication flow

  • Fix to: Camunda Infinite Loop Occurs When External Task Bpmn Error Propagation Fails

  • Fix to: User is logged out very frequently from Camunda

  • Fix to: Engine tags don't display unless a model is deployed