ModelOp Center Helm Chart Directory Structure

Please familiarize yourself with the directory structure of what is provided in the ModelOp Helm Charts, either downloaded directly from ModelOp, or via Chart Museum:

  • Directory “moc” (default chart for ModelOp Center)

    • Direcotyr “scripts” - located here

    • Directory “ootb” - the out of the box monitors and models that come pre-included with ModelOp Center)

    • Directory “sccs” - this contains the base values of configuration that are brought into a configmap or Git repo given what was configured in values.yaml – Note that the content of this directory should be committed to the location specified in the Git repository defined in values.yaml if not using a configmap)

    • Directory “starter” - this contains a starter file that should be filled out as needed to override the values contained in the values.yaml file

    • Directory “templates” - this directory contains all the template yaml files necessary for all the deployments, services and configmaps used when deploying to Kubernetes.