Model Governance: Evergreen Production Model Inventory

This article describes how to use the ModelOp Command Center as the central repository for governing models, including how a user can view all models across the enterprise in the ModelOp Center Production Model Inventory.

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Business Models (“Evergreen Production Model Inventory”)

Clicking the “Business Models” from the main menu opens the Evergreen Model Inventory (sometimes referred by others as “Production Model Inventory”). The production model inventory contains the full list of registered models within ModelOp Center, regardless of the model type, model factory in which it was produced, current state of the model (registered vs. in QA vs. deployed).


Search the Inventory

A user may search for a model by Name or Tag by using the Search bar:



A user can filter the models based on the filter categories on the right:


Review See Model Details

A user may click on any row to view the specific details of that model (see subsequent “Model Details” page):


Compare Models

Additionally, to compare one or more models, a user may select “Enable champion challenger” toggle button. This will expose the “Champion/Challenger” column, allowing the user compare two or models models using the “Champion/Challenger” check boxes. Champion/Challenger is an industry standard technique to compare the performance of competing model strategies, or the performance of a recently updated model against a previous version of the same model.


To compare 2 or more models (Champion/Challenger):




See Model Governance: Standard Model Definition for more information about the information that is contained for each model within the Production Model Inventory.


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